Why Use a Consultant?

What are the benefits of using SolVu Consulting?

It’s About Design

There is an art to designing quality Excel applications; to making them reliable and easy to use, providing appropriate error checking and making them flexible and adaptable to the changing demands of your business.

An Excel application should be:

  • Reliable
  • Accurate
  • Stable
  • Fast
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Update/Modify

A SolVu designed Excel tool will be a pleasure to use, reliable, meet all your required outcomes and bring significant productivity gains to your workflow.

It’s About Experience

More than 15 years spent designing and developing Excel tools for Australian business has enabled Linda to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in addressing the most common administrative challenges of the day.  That experience enables her to design and develop efficient, effective solutions to your problems in a fraction of the time it would take for you to complete the project yourself, freeing your time to be spent far more productively.

Save Time, Money and Frustration

It is easy to think that it will be cheaper to build an Excel application yourself (or assign someone in your office to do it for you) than pay for a consultant.  In reality this is often a long way from the truth.  When you, or your staff, spend time developing Excel solutions, valuable resources are taken away from tasks important to the everyday running of the business and upon which the Company relies for its smooth operation.  The person assigned is unable to give their full attention either to their own role or to the development process.  The project invariably takes longer than anticipated, the employee’s performance in other tasks suffers and the consequent stress and frustration is experienced by many.  After all the time, money and frustration the resulting solution is still often well below the standard that a professional consultant could produce in a fraction of the time.

Employing a consultant will allow you and your staff to concentrate on the essential tasks of the day whilst harnessing the skills and experience necessary to build a top quality product that is reliable, accurate and easy to use.  The resulting solution will often save you thousands of dollars in lost time, mistakes and other inefficiencies built into your current system (see the Cost of Poor Design below).  Often, avoiding just one error can easily cover the development cost.  Contact SolVu Consulting today and get your staff back to work.

The Cost of Poor Design

Australian businesses lose millions of dollars every year to inefficient, ineffective administrative processes. Hundreds of thousands of hours wasted using unnecessarily difficult systems for reporting, quoting, analysing, communications and a hundred and one other administrative tasks that are essential for the operation of the business but non income generating.  Investing in a quality developer to address just some of these issues can make a significant impact on your productivity and bottom line.