Data Entry and Collation Systems

Data entry is one of the most important processes in the Reporting Cycle.  If the data entered is inaccurate, incomplete or poorly structured the quality of the information that can be extracted is severely compromised. However, data entry is also one of the most error prone processes in the Reporting Cycle.  Boredom, operator distraction and poorly designed tools are a severe challenge to the collation of timely, accurate data.

Automated Imports

Every time a member of your staff re-keys information the risk of human error is increased.  Therefore, where possible, the first choice when it comes to data acquisition is to import it directly into your workbook.

Is your data available electronically?  If so it may be possible to import it directly into Excel.  Excel comes with a programming language called VBA.  It is possible to use VBA to identify your electronic data, open the files, extract the required information, reformat it to the required format for your project and then copy it directly into your workbook.  Why spend hours of valuable time re-entering data if it can be automatically uploaded into the system?  Talk to a SolVu representative about your data sources to see if we can save hours of time on your data acquisition processes.

Data Entry Systems

If your data is not available electronically then it is important to provide a data entry interface that assists the operator to enter data as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible.  A well designed data entry interface will:

  • Be quick and easy to use
  • Have data validation to check the accuracy of data entered
  • Have error checking to ensure that entries are logical
  • Have completion checks
  • Provide feedback to the user where required
  • Have a natural data flow
  • Be custom designed to your process
  • Automate manual tasks where appropriate
  • Be attractive to the eye

It is also essential that data entered by the user is structured in a manner that makes it easy to report on and to share with other processes.

There is a lot of skill and experience involved in designing and building an effective data entry system.  Talk to SolVu today to find out how we can help improve your data entry processes.