Costing and Estimating Systems

Excel is a fantastic tool for building fast, accurate and reliable costing and estimating tools.

Essential data regarding your processes and costs/measures are stored in the background where they can be modified by authorised personnel only.

The user is presented with an Estimating/Costing interface where they complete the relevant information and the system calculates the results based on your business rules.

The result can be provided as a separate report or as feedback on the user interface.

A well-designed Costing/Estimating System will offer the following benefits as a minimum:

  • The system will be designed to match your business requirements and business rules.
  • Calculations will be protected from accidental deletion or corruption
  • Essential data such as business rules, costs, margins etc. and other sensitive information can be hidden away from the user and only modifiable by authorised personnel.
  • Data validation and error checking will be employed to assist the operator enter the data as accurately and easily as possible
  • Reports and/or invoices, quotes, estimates etc. can be designed to meet your requirements.
  • The data will be stored in a manner that will make it easy to combine for other processes or analysis.