How does it work

We have remote access capabilities1 so most projects can be completed via phone and/or online without the need for time consuming in-office meetings.

Design Process

If what you are looking for is some quick assistance with something simple then the process could be as easy as a phone call and a couple of emails.

However, for more involved projects services generally roughly follow these steps:

  • Short phone meeting to outline the project requirements and arrange for the exchange of any relevant documents 2
  • Client provides go ahead and completes and submits on-line Client Details form.
  • Prototype development:
    • More in-depth investigation into the client’s requirements: required outcomes, data sources, workflow processes, any required automation etc.
    • Development of a non-working prototype to demonstrate the general look and feel of the solution. The client’s input is usually sought during this process to ensure that the proposed solution is as close as possible to the client’s requirements.
    • Presentation of Prototype to client
    • Completion of any required modifications
    • Client’s approval of prototype.
  • Development of prototype into full working model
  • Client Testing of Model
  • Modifications to respond to client feedback
  • Client Acceptance of product

You Are In Control

Every project is different.  We work very closely with the Client, gathering input, listening to their needs and aspirations, making suggestions for improvement where appropriate.  SolVu provide the expertise and experience but the Client is always in charge, making the final decisions.  The end result is a solution that meets all the Client’s needs and often far exceeds their expectations.

Contact SolVu today to talk about how we can help design a solution to meet your needs.

1 Usually TeamViewer or Skype for Business.  However we are happy to use whatever screen sharing software your IT personnel recommend.

2 All client data is treated with the strictest confidentiality, however, some clients need the comfort of a Non Disclosure Agreement – SolVu is generally happy to sign these agreements.